There are subtleties in medical marketing that you don’t find in other areas of the marketing world. That’s why the team at Reynolds Creative is dedicated 100% to medical marketing. It’s all we do. We understand the nuances and legalities. We understand HIPAA compliance. We understand insurance and Medicare. We know how to shape an effective medical message, identify your ideal target audience and deliver your message for maximum results.

Everything we do is geared towards one thing – results for our medical clients.

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We see our clients as true business partners. That’s why we track the results of every campaign, and then provide each client with a dashboard to see the leads come in in real time.

The tracking allows us to constantly evaluate and optimize every aspect of every campaign. Sharing the data allows every client to know how efficiently and effectively we are using every marketing dollar.


Company founder Ren Scott began his career as a copywriter for a Madison Avenue advertising agency (N.W. Ayer), creating campaigns for a list of powerful clients including Nestle, Gillette, Howard Johnson’s and Menley & James.

He then moved into television journalism, anchoring and reporting the news in New York, Philadelphia and Tampa. During his 18 year career he earned dozens of awards including 4 Emmys and 10 Emmy nominations. In 1996 he won the Emmy as best investigative reporter in New York. Ren has a BA from Princeton University in Literature, and a Masters in Journalism from Columbia University.

His experiences have given him a unique insight into how to shape and deliver an effective message. The result is Reynolds Creative.