Marketing has gone online

Many startups don’t have big marketing budgets, so they have to choose marketing channels that are the likeliest to boost revenues and keep the business active and growing. Everyone knows that the Internet is an incredibly important place to excel as a business, so it makes sense that digital marketing is booming as a corollary to web design.

Jomer M. Gregorio notes in Business2Community that businesses have been saving money by presenting their message online, so they continue to invest more heavily in digital marketing for branding and sales. “Up to 40% [of businesses] have already achieved considerable savings from promotion and generating business leads,” says Gregorio. “With doors opening like this, no wonder 28% of business owners are shifting their budgets from traditional to digital marketing strategies.”

Top digital marketing strategy – content

Content sharing has become so widespread that it is now fundamental to Internet use, integrally tied to engagement and pivotal to the success of marketers.

Just consider these three figures:

1. There are 27 million instances of sharing every day, according to research from AOL/Nielsen.

2. Content marketing toppled the throne of social media in 2013, becoming the highest priority for B2C and B2B marketers, per Econsultancy/Adobe.

3. Seven out of every ten marketing companies now produce more content than they did 12 months ago, says a study from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI).

In other words, content marketing is now central to branding and the direction of digital marketing. “With content’s high adoption rates, great potential to provide measurable business benefits, and enterprise-wide appeal,” argues the CMI, “a strategic content marketing program is essential to staying competitive in today’s marketplace.”

3 more tips to improve digital marketing

Now, content marketing is just one element of a digital marketing strategy that also includes social media and other components. Here are 3 additional tips:

1. You want to go where people are and where you can influence them the most. That means you must be optimized for mobile users, because there are simply so many of them: 63% of American adults use the web through their smart phones, with 40% of those people searching for local businesses. (Also note that Google now downgrades sites that aren’t mobile-friendly.)

2. You want your digital marketing strategy to be multi-channel. In one study, says Gregorio, people who were targeted with a multi-channel digital campaign spent 4 times more than consumers targeted through a single channel.

3. Include images and video. Multimedia can improve engagement by as much as 94%.

Your design & digital marketing partner

Results-oriented businesses appreciate digital marketing because they can run analytics, perform split tests, and have a much more granular understanding of their ROI.

That focus on results is critical to our mindset at Ren Scott Creative, your design and digital marketing partner. Here are some of our results.