The revised format and approach created by Ren Scott Creative transformed Freedom’s business, and is the model they continue to use today

Our 1 minute commercial was 32% more efficient that the other agency’s commercial ($87 CPL versus $130 CPL)

Our overall cost per lead was $71m exceeding clients goals of $75-$95 cost per lead


Our infomercial was 65% more efficient than the other agency’s one minute commercial ($45 cost per lead versus $130 cost per lead)

We generated 6,576 leads, exceeding the clients goal of 4,100 – 5,200 leads

Our campaign far exceeded every campaign goal


As a Medicare Advantage Program the target audience is clearly male and female 65+. But with their current agency they were running a campaign of 30-second television branding spots and a print campaign with a weak call to action and unfocused message.

Freedom knew they weren’t getting the best results but because they didn’t have a system for tracking leads, they couldn’t identify what was working and what wasn’t.


We immediately implemented a series of changes to increase leads and revenues:

  • Produced 60 second and 30 minute DR television marketing to strengthen lead generation
  • Implemented our proprietary tracking system to track leads and analyze campaigns
  • Introduced a TV News format that was very appealing and credible to the slightly older target audience
  • Implemented a strong Daytime television schedule instead of the early evening schedule the other agency was running