Through years of experience we’ve developed a proven, step-by-step process to develop the right marketing strategy for medical practices.


To launch a successful marketing campaign, you must first have a clear understanding of who you are, where you stand and also your value in the marketplace.

Using our proprietary positioning analysis system, we take you through a process to fully understand the identity of your clinic, how consumers see you and where there are needs and opportunities. Armed with that information, we can shape and deliver an effective message that will resonate with patients, build a strong brand identity, build a patient base and increase revenues.

Quality & Credibility

Medical marketing requires a kind of credibility that other marketing does not. You’re not selling widgets. You’re selling trust.

That’s where our approach stands out.

From our websites to our messaging, social media to print collateral, video production to television commercials – everything we produce reflects the quality and professionalism a medical practice requires to succeed.

Message Delivery

Every medical practice is different. So for each client we tailor a unique combination of marketing layers specific to the clinic, market, budget and goals.

It’s a digital world, so we start with a digital foundation. The skills of our Google Certified Digital Team are second to none.

Then we develop the balance of traditional marketing; Television, Radio, Newspaper, Direct Mail or Outdoor, whatever fits your market and your needs. Creating a balance between digital and traditional advertising has become an art. With the right synergy, your practice will explode.

Tracking & ROI

We track every lead, every online form and phone call. We do it every day, in real time. We then provide a client dashboard and share all of our results directly with you.

If one element of a campaign is not working effectively, we change it immediately. We don’t believe in wasting time or money.

We strive to be your true business partner. You run your clinic. We will keep it full with new patients.

datatrack dashboard

Sample of an Actual Client Dashboard